Who are we?

We are the Formula Cruisers, the student racing team of THUAS. We’re a culturally diverse, dynamic group of students from different majors and fields of expertise. We continuously work together on the project of designing, engineering, and marketing an electric race car suited for Formula Student competitions. We consider ourselves a steppingstone for any young professionals looking to do up experience in a multidisciplinary working environment. Together we focus on honing our skills and working towards the common goal of building an innovative, sustainable vehicle.

Formula Student

Annually many Formula Student competitions are held all around the world. International student teams, like the Formula Cruisers, from over 600 universities take part in these engineering design competitions. Students get a chance to apply their theoretical knowledge in a practical context. In these competitions points are earned in a series of ‘on track’ and ‘off track’ events. Some of the ‘on track’ events include autocross, efficiency, and endurance, while some of the ‘off track’ events include presenting a cost report and a business case. The team with the most points at the end of the competition wins.

Our Students
  • The freedom you get gives you the opportunity to expand your knowledge and skills in the areas you're really interested in. This boost your internal motivation.

    Sebastian Poortman Chief Mechanical Engineer
  • The reason I like the Formula Cruisers project is that you have the freedom to work on the subjects of your own interests. You can for example learn to be better at mechanical design or choose to learn more about electronics.

    Mike van Jaarsveld Electrical Engineer

Get hands on with our race car. Develop your skills in your field of expertise while working in the Drivetrain, Electrics, Chassis, Aerodynamics or Vehicle dynamics department.


Become the driving force behind the Formula Cruisers project. Manage one of our departments and keep track of the progress made while working on our goals.


Develop your skills in one of our important, operational departments. Pick up tasks in the Marketing, Communications, HR or Law team and work together on challenging projects.


We focus on offering students a unique, hands on, learning experience. We attempt this by giving our student team a lot of responsibilities and by coaching them on their personal development.


We bring together creative minds to challenge the boundaries of innovations behind the race car of tomorrow and to position ourselves amongst the top formula student teams.


Together, we aim to build a low budget, eco-conscious electric racing vehicle. Our framework is set up to ensure we do this while using as many sustainable work habits as possible.

Join us

Do you feel excited about taking on the challenge of the Formula Cruisers? Are you interested in broadening your field of expertise, improving your project-based cooperation, and working on your personal development? Then you might be a great addition to our team!

You can join the Formula Cruisers program in the form of an internship or a minor. Send us an inquiry about your options using our form and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.