The Formula Cruisers is a student project started by The Hague University of Applied Sciences. The purpose of the team is to give students from the university an opportunity to gain work experience by creating an electric race car. Our team consists of students from multiple studies, nationalities and disciplines. The project is challenging and educational, but enjoyable at the same time.

Currently we have students on the team who study Mechanical engineering, Electrical engineering, Applied physics, Industrial design and Aeronautical engineering. Other studies are welcome! If you think your expertise or study could somehow contribute to the project, feel free to apply! This project needs more than just engineers. People experienced in marketing or finance, for instance, are really needed as well.

The HU-2

Last year our team built the HU-2, our first full-electric formula race car. The car successfully participated in the Formula Student event in Silverstone! Formula student, Europe’s most established educational motor sport competition, was the ultimate goal for The Formula Cruisers to take part in. Not only the competition between teams is exciting, but the thrill also comes from designing and building your own electric race car. The HU-2 performed well and passed all the technical tests. There was only some room for improvement at the endurance test. This will be a part of the challenge this year. For our ambition is to seriously compete for the top places at the events.

The HU-3

This year we are working on our third car, the HU-3. The car will be entirely designed and built from scratch. While we are not re-using any parts of the previous car, the HU-2, we will use the knowledge we gained from it. The different components of the car are divided and assigned to 5 competent design teams. The chassis, the drivetrain, body-work (aerodynamics), electrics and vehicle dynamics. Each team has ambitious plans for the future. We want to bring home prizes!

The Goal

The goal for this year is to compete at 2 Formula Student events. The first will be Formula Student Netherlands, at the TT-Circuit Assen. The event is on from July 5th to July 9th. The second event will be at Hockenheim, where we will compete at Formula Student Germany. This event will be on later in the summer, from August 17th to August 23rd. Both events will have (about) the same rules and The Formula Cruisers will put as much effort as possible into both.