The Formula Cruisers is a student project started by The Hague University of Applied Sciences. The project is available for students in the form of a minor or an internship. The purpose of the team is to give students an opportunity to gain work experience by creating an electric racecar. Our team is made up of multiple student run departments and consists of students from multiple studies, nationalities and disciplines. The project is challenging, educational and enjoyable at the same time. Currently we have students on the team who study Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Marketing, Finance and many more. 



The chassis department is responsible for building the frame of the car. All other parts of the car are mounted onto the chassis, which forms the base for the structure of the car.


The drivetrain department focuses on designing and building the drivetrain. The drivetrain is the part of the car that delivers power to the car via the motor and the wheels.


The electrics department is involved with all of the electrical components of the car. This includes the electrical control box as well as the electrical engine.

Vehicle Dynamics

The vehicle dynamics department is responsible for taking the car from a static object to a moving vehicle. This includes focusing on parts like the brakes and the steering wheel.


The aerodynamics department focuses on the optimalization of the form and outside of the car. This is important in order to minimize the resistance of outside forces on the car.




The marketing department focuses on all  of the Formula Cruisers’ commercial outings. This includes managing our social media, writing newsletters, and organizing promotional events.


The communications department is closely knit with our marketing department and is responsible for the Formula Cruisers’ sponsor strategy and communication.

Human Resources

The HR department is responsible for making sure our team works in a safe and enjoyable environment. This means organizing safety lectures, team building activities and feedback sessions.



The finance department takes care of all of Formula Cruisers’ financial transactions. This means keeping track of the budget, orders, balances, and the cost report.


The law department regulates all of Formula Cruisers’ legal business. This includes creating sponsor contracts and workplace agreements, as well as signing of on these.


Project Manager

The project manager is responsible for setting up a planning for the project and for making sure that all of the departments are following it and making enough progress to achieve our goals.

System Engineer

The system engineer makes sure that in the end all parts of the car will fit together. This includes overseeing all of the proper progress documentation so no work has to be done twice.

Scrum Master

The Formula Cruisers work with the scrum method. The scrum master is responsible for organizing scrum boards, stand up meetings and for keeping track of the team’s efficiency.

Join us

Do you feel excited about taking on the challenge of the Formula Cruisers? Are you interested in broadening your field of expertise, improving your project-based cooperation, and working on your personal development? Then you might be a great addition to our team!

You can join the Formula Cruisers program in the form of an internship or a minor. Send us an inquiry about your options using our form and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.