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With The Formula Cruisers, you will be provided wide international exposure in events that are joined by companies and schools from all over the world. Our way to the top is undoubtedly challenging. However, with the right kind of partners, we are going to achieve our goal. We deliver qualitative results in terms of mechanical, electrical, as well as aesthetical development of FSAE competent vehicles, with a bright future ahead.

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Current partners

As the project owners, The Formula Crusiers started  at The Hague University of Applied Sciences. The university’s message is “Let’s change”. They want to empower the students to change and improve the world they live in. This is our inspiration in building the HU-3 which is an all electrical car. With their help, they support us with all the marketing assets and providing us a budget.

SimScale is a software programme where Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) are taken to the next level.  Not only fluid dynamics, but also thermal simulation and structural mechanics are included in one programme. This makes Simscale ideal to provide accurate data about strength of objects, aerodynamic efficiency and thermal characteristics of assets.

Eurocircuits are specialist manufacturers and assemblers of prototype and small series PCB’s. They are dedicated to providing a complete electronic service that will help PCB designers bring their projects to market on time and on budget. Our team is able to develop custom PCBs for our vehicle thanks to their support.

With over 80 years in high-service electronics components distribution, Farnell’s global businesses distribute a comprehensive portfolio of products, supported by an international supply chain and an inventory profile developed to anticipate and meet its customers’ needs. Farnell provides us with parts mainly meant for electrics.


Trakracer is an international company which is specialized in designing high-end gaming accessories since 2008 and has seven stores around the globe. Trakracer supported The Formula Cruisers with the delivery of a high-quality racing sim seat. The Formula Cruisers are very grateful about the cooperation with Trakracer.

Prins Techniek Noordwijk is an independent car company and handling specialist. Prins Techniek Noordwijk helped The Formula Cruisers with the assembly of the tyres and aligning the wheels of our newest car.

Prince Fibre is an innovative technology company that has specialized in producing and developing high-quality composite profiles since 1985. Their standard products are of high quality and available from stock. The combination of lightweight and high rigidity make our profiles suitable for any idea. Thank you to Prince Fibre for providing the Carbon Fibre rods for our suspension system with a discount.

JST Media is a close partner of The Formula Cruisers. JST Media is a company which is specialized in making professional photos and videos. JST Media will help with creating professional video and photo material of the activities of The Formula Cruisers. JST Media will also help The Formula Cruisers by providing the project with necessary parts to finish the latest car.

Previous sponsors